credit where credit's due...

The Very Secret Diary of Sirrus

Day 1:
Connived with brother. I am definitely smarter. Made plans to get rid of Mom and Dad.

Day 4:
Hung out on Channelwood eating cake and sent brother off to freeze buns on Rime, waiting for Dad to fall asleep so he could nip a page. Achenar so whiny.

Am definitely the smartest. Go me!

Day 6:

Channelwood far too rustic. Achenar killed all the natives, so there is no one to serve me.
He also loosened the chair legs.

Silly Achenar. Did he think he could kill me that way?

Still the smartest.

Day 7:

Mom fell for it. No more blasted hair in my food; I sometimes wish she'd hacked it off years ago. I'm going to go to Mechanical to celebrate with my secret stash.

Still smarter by far. I wonder if Achenar's frozen to death?

Day 8:

Dad fell for it. While Achenar was back on Myst warming up, I told Dad Achenar had gotten rid of Mom. Dad very, very angry. Won't he be surprised when he can't get back?

Achenar angry too. He burned all the books. Now I can't go to the Age of Hot Springs anymore to take long baths.

Day 9:

All this running about lording it over Ages is bad for my complexion. Must find a slave to hold a sunshade over my head.

Achenar still finds squees strangely attractive. I think he is eating them raw now.

Am definitely smarter than that.

Day 10:

Achenar tempted by Blue Book. So tedious. I am much too smart to fall for a trick like that. Anyway, I have more minions, and perfect teeth.

Day 11:

Achenar killed off the last of my minions while I was asleep. Stupid idiot. I got even, though. Wired his throne to the cage's power supply. Won't he be surprised?

Still the smartest.

Day 12:

Achenar still not back from Blue Book. Must have found something good. I need more minions.

Day 16:

Achenar still not back.
I'm going to go check out the Red Book and find some more minions.

Still the smartest.

Day 17:

Dad was smarter than I thought.
There are no minions here.
But at least there's no Achenar either.

And I'm still the smartest.

The Very Secret Diary of Achenar

Day 1:
Connived with brother. I am definitely ruthless. Made plans to get rid of Mom and Dad.

Day 4:
Brother went off to cower on Channelwood while I do the important work. I hide in the snow like a wild animal. I am the Great Snow Demon of Rime, hahaha!

I can be so ruthless. Go me!

Day 6:

Rime is too cold. Why did Father write it this way? I am almost out of dried squee meat.

Day 7:

Dad sleeps with his Linking Book under his pillow. Why do I have to steal the page anyway? Why can't I just bump him off?

Day 8:

I got the page!

Dad fell for it. But Sirrus told him I was the one who got rid of Mom. Sirrus is a slimy little weasel. I'm going to wait until he gets drunk and passes out; then I'll shove corks up his nose.

Still the most ruthless.

Day 9:

All this slaughtering of natives is making me buff and strong. I have bulging pecs now. They cower and grovel. Sometimes I pretend they are squees.

Sirrus whines that I'm killing off all his minions. Lazy little twit. If he wants to kill his minions before I do, he knows perfectly well where I keep the axe. He has no spine, just like Branch.

Maybe I should make another lamp.

Am definitely more ruthless.

Day 10:

Sirrus tempted by Red Book. So tedious. I don't need no stinking book. I have lots of sharp things. They are wicked cool. I just need to find some more people to slay.

Still ruthless.

Day 10:

I got Sirrus' girlfriend right next to him while he was passed out cold. Won't he be surprised?

See? I am so ruthless.

Sirrus tried to wire my chair to kill me. Didn't work. Actually, it feels kinda neat.

Day 12:

Sirrus is a miserable little double-crossing piece of dung. I knew I should've tried Red Book.
There are no natives to play with here.
There are no squees.
But at least there is no Sirrus.

And I am so very, very ruthless. Ha!
I wonder what that word really means.