One very late night on the Mystcommunity bulletin board...

'Twas the late shift at MC, and all through the forum
Not an AVID was stirring, not even Hydronium.
The Guildsmen were sleeping all snug in their beds
While visions of Linking Books danced in their heads.
The cables were plugged to the Great Tree with care
Impatient for Parable soon to be there.
And Jerle with her pickaxe, and Blue with his pen
Dozed while they waited for it to begin.
Suddenly, by the Boiler Room, a "wohba!" came loudly.
"Pay no mind," mumbled Jerle. "It's just Sie and m01ety."
No one was awake to see who should stop by
Armed with stacks of CDs and a plate of Mudpie,
With screenshots of vistas so detailed and thorough
An observer could see every hair on a reekoo
And if anyone else had been conscious to see 'em
They'd note his attendants were eight giant penguins.
With a manner so cryptic, and smile so bland
Anyone would have known that it must be St. Rand.
More rapid than ytrams his coursers they waddled
(Like RealMyst for Mac, alas, penguins do dwaddle)
"Now Brandcamp, Lemon Lime, RAWA and Robyn,
Now Gordo, now Og, now MarkD and Ryan,
Keep the fans guessing, and keep a tight lid;
For curiosity can't kill an AVID!"
Through the forums they scattered, like exiles from D'ni
Depositing clues and occasional b'nis.
As for Rand, he just stood there, with secretive smile
Leaving it to his minions to enact his guile
He was dressed in a Guild cloak, and wearing his lenses
("Moi? Atrus?" he blinked, maintaining pretenses)
His mien relaxed, his stubble--quite shaggy!
He'd been working up late, and his eyes were all baggy.
He spoke not a word, but inspected their labors
And labelled each thread with the Stamp of Maintainers
Then, laying his hand on a Linking Book's window
Left to fall, when he'd gone, into barrysworld's limbo
He vanished, with penguin-crew following after.
The AVIDs awoke to the faint sound of laughter.
And, blaming some fool for a server crash blunder
They lamented the posts, which were fewer in number
Missing all smiley-clues, left out in plain sight
To reveal hidden posts, if clicked on just right
But I heard RAWA say, as he linked with a smile:
"Enjoy the new stills! They'll hold you for a while."

(Posted by sepdet at 4:11 am on Aug. 28, 2001)