I'm slowly putting together a list of RAWA posts.

D'ni Numbers

(9/13/01) dniguild.com D'ni number system. Names and symbols of numbers. D'ni numbers over 25.
(Lyst Classic) Desk Reference The correct symbols for 0, 25.
(Lyst Classic) Desk Reference Slash for zero on the D'ni timepiece is an error.
(Lyst 9/17/99) Desk Reference Significance of number 5.

D'ni Language

Kh'reestrefah's Dictionary. Search for "Rawa" to find words supplied by RAWA in now-defunct Lyst Classic.
(FAQ www.riven.com)English/D'ni phonetic spelling for: Atrus/Aitrus; Dunny/D'ni.

The Cavern of D'ni

(8/27/01) dniguild.com No sunlight in D'ni. Food came from other ages via Guild of Caterers.


(8/20/01) dniguild.com The famous one-step rule. "With the exception of the Book you're using to Link, things that come with you when you take a step will likely come with you when you Link."

D'ni Desk Reference Linking FAQ Not all RAWA, but an excellent summary of RAWA's posts on how Linking and Descriptive Books work.

(FAQ www.riven.com) Descriptive and Linking Books compensate for movement of planet, solar system, etc. when linking to particular spot on planet.
(FAQ www.riven.com) Non-D'ni (humans, Rivenese) can indeed write Ages.

Misc. RAWA emails on linking

****very important**** (1999 email) Desk Reference Descriptive Books link to & don't create Ages; altering/correcting Descriptive Books versus causing Books to link to a similar but different Age; quantum theory of Linking; can't duplicate Descriptive Book; Daggers and Stoneship and "D'ni rules did not permit the writing of manmade objects into an Age;" one-step rule first articulated.

(1998 email) Desk Reference Can't link to another place in same Age; MYST Descriptive Book written by Anna AND Catherine (ha!); linking books can be used everywhere and link to spot where written; can't copy a Descriptive Book; destruction of Descriptive Book negates Linking Books; Atrus did not return to K'veer/D'ni until game of Myst; what can be carried through link (one-step rule); machines powering Linking Books; domestic animals used to transport goods through Links; sound through links
(2000 email) Desk Reference Can't take Linking Book with you; almost impossible to write another Descriptive Book to same Age; "stroke of pen can bring worlds to life" is marketing ploy; sound doesn't travel through gateway image; Star Fissure leads to Earth and does NOT take 30 years to traverse; organic tissue (which includes gloves) required for link.
(2001email) Desk Reference Dead vs. instable Age and the supernova Age in BoD; burning all Linking Books to an Age (no effect on Age); linking to earlier time in same Age (virtually impossible).

D'ni Time

(7/30/01) dniguild.com D.E. on timeline stands for "D'ni era" , the number of years since the D'ni came to Earth.

The Guilds and Council

(Lyst Classic) D'ni Desk Reference. The organization of the High Council, the Five Great Lords, Grand Masters, and Assistant Guild Masters.

D'ni Biology

(FAQ www.riven.com) D'ni lifespan is ~ 325 Earth Years. D'ni can go without food/water about the same amount of time as "surface dwellers".


(FAQ www.riven.com) D'ni left because habitat was "on direct path to destruction".