1. "I realized, as I fell into the fissure..."
  2. What's a ?
  3. What is Robyn Miller's middle name?
  4. Gehn refers to the "Great _____" as an animal much feared by the villagers.
  5. What color annoys it?
  6. What is the symbol for that color?
  7. How many marker switches needed to retrieve the message in the holographer by the dock?
  8. You find half a page, which obviously contains a vital clue, under Sirrus' bed in Channelwood. Where's the other half?
  9. What day is theMystiversary?
  10. Who needs the red page?
  11. How much power does the rocketship need?
  12. What sound does the wooden ball make that's in the jungle under a large stone dagger?
  13. How many Rebels ambush you when you first arrive in Tay?
  14. Ta-geh-ma.... ____!
  15. What's the name of Catherine's friend in Tay who returns the Trap Book to you?
  16. How many small islands do you traverse on the tram ride from Temple Island to Jungle Island?
  17. What are the Five Guilds as recreated by Gehn?
  18. How many giant daggers are there?
  19. Why are there large standing air pockets in the water of the lagoon?
  20. What was Flame's previous name?