Katran Speaks: Passing Thoughts

Light one more candle
For my eyes fail
And I would see you one more time

Bring the book here
Closed so long ago
Yeesha, go fetch it, you know the one

She's grown strong, Atrus
With dreamer's eyes
And hair black and long like mine was once

But her hands are yours
Maker, shaper, writer
She wields the pen, not the knife.

Mourn not, Atrus
Sixty years, sixty lifetimes
We shared together

I would spare you this grief
If I knew any way
But you'll endure, like stone,

Like you always have.
Keep Yeesha close.
I know she'll look after you.

That book, now,
Let me see.
Don't try to stop me, Atrus!

I've travelled all your Ages
But this is mine
The beginning, and the end.

The page is black
Ripples like fire
In a place with no light.

My hands are growing cold
But it's warm there
In the shadow of the Great Tree.

Kiss me, both of you
And make me a promise
When my eyes have closed.

It's time to go
Swimming among the stars
Returning to the place where I began.

I'll wait for you there.
The Star Fissure
Knows where to send us.

My eyes close.
Put my hand upon the page.
Life, as Anna used to say, is but a dream.