Eulogy for Katran


Stands alone
Upon a balcony of bone
Overlooking a breathing sea
That echoes sighs she never speaks.
She turns, walks back inside
To pace her narrow prison:
Hollowed heart
of the World Tree
Cut to the knees
Its leaves and sacred boughs
Towered trunk long since taken
Grist for Gehn's empty books.

What does she see
In her blood red robe
Stripped of her people's mask
Wife of a dead man
Child of a dying world
Guardian of a dream
Goddess to a riven people?

-- Truth written stark
on unseen pages
Broken stones
Fallen trees
Islands drowning
Sundered from sea to sky.

Will she be the last
Living soul of a dying Age
Cast adrift on her
Tiny shipwreck
Divested of words,
Her worlds?


She waits
Who understands too well
For this humble traveller
Who understands nothing
Who walks alone, like her
To find and set her free.