Improvisational Correspondences

[A set of recordings discovered in the Turbulence Pool in the forechamber on Myst Island.]



    Catherine, my love,

    I will be in Channelwood for a few days checking on the boys. Would you mind going to Simmoore to collect the samples? I do not anticipate they will be difficult to extract, but I am afraid the growth rate of the plants may cover them over if they are left for too long.



    I have left them in your study.

    You would have found it amazing. The flowers have grown by several inches. Will you come look? I have something for you.



    Incredible! This is...

    I will have to examine the soil again. At that rate they may begin to deplete its nutrients before decay can replenish them.

    I found the rock you left there. What Age did that come from? And where are you? I thought you did not wish to spend so much time away from home. Don't make me worried.


    [laughter] Come find me, Atrus. I'm waiting.



    All right, all right. A game, is it?


    [image of Catherine looking faintly smug. There are leaves in her hair, which is rather disheveled.]



    I have found the vein in Selenitic. A very strange mineral. Did you know that it seems to be repelled by the application of an electric current? It quite startled me when the samples floated away from my scanner. I will have to Write an Age to explore its properties more fully.

    Any more hints?


    Then will ocean meet sky

    Caressing clouds

    There is no finer tapestry

    And no brighter hue.


    [Atrus' clothes seem to be damp, and his hair is slicked back against his head.]

    I really must raise the observation deck by a few more feet; the turbulence of the water is getting wilder. You're right; the sunset through the spray is quite spectacular.

    When are you coming home?


    [Catherine 's face is painted with odd swirling blue patterns.]

    Why, Atrus, you just missed me.


    I was watching the dock carefully, and you still managed to catch me napping. Very well. I will come find you at Tilah's place. Hold still, will you!



    Sorry, I just need to collect a few more things.

    I dreamed of a sky with six bright stars

    But their number was seven.


    The constellation does resemble the sign for vagahbree, doesn't it? You must be laughing at me for taking so long to work out what you meant.

    Branch gave me the Book. You should be more careful, Beloved. I trust him, but what if there were some accident? I don't want to imagine it!



    Shhhh. I left a spare Linking Book in the library. I am careful.


    The new Age is beautiful. I will make a ladder for you up that twisted green spire, so that you can sit at the top and sketch.



    Now let me see. I have a good supply of Tilah's sweetwater, your telescope from the Stoneship Age, some of those scrolls from the library on Teranth that you've been meaning to translate, and the Harvest Age. Clio and Vanrye helped me fix the sails. We are going on a cruise. Are you coming?