Signs That You May be a M/R/D/E Addict

With thanks to Mysti'Katran for making me waste an hour thinking this up.

  1. You try to toast marbles in your waffle iron
  2. You think of the number 1 when you see an angelfish in an aquarium (or 2, a beetle, or 3, a frog)
  3. The CBS logo makes you see yellow  
  4. You feel compelled to touch the title page of a hardback book if it has a picture
  5. When people ask your age, you say "Earth" or "D'ni"
  6. You have a bumper sticker that says Yahvo tahgahnehn ah'zoo
  7. You name your cat Gehn, Saavedro, or Atrus (R-chan, you there?)
  8. You check your hometown's street map on a regular basis to make sure it hasn't changed
  9. You write in color-changing ink
  10. You poke everything you see when you visit an unfamiliar house (never know, that potted plant might do something)
  11. You try to line up the viewfinder markings in your camera with something out in the landscape
  12. .You write the period at the beginning instead of the end of a sentence
  13. You write your ATM card's PIN number on the back of your checkbook in D'ni (guilty)
  14. You sign Christmas cards with .Shorah
  15. You think Hebrew must have evolved from D'ni
  16. You find yourself turning all the orchids around in a florist shop
  17. You suspect some of the evergreens in your woods are steam- powered
  18. You think the Missing Link is that green page Atrus gets so agitated about.
  19. When you fill in your "job title" on forms you start with the word "Guild" or "tehl"
  20. You think the rock band Squeeze consists of small, white, hairy creatures that make annoying noises (oh, wait, but that's TRUE, isn't it?)
  21. Opera and silly putty commercials remind you of Gehn
  22. You slice oranges and grapefruits into eight pieces and then have fun trying to gauge their relative weights
  23. You study the patterns on curtains in case they might reveal the mysteries of the universe
  24. You think Thunder Mountain Railroad in Disneyland leads to a bookmaking factory
  25. In giving directions you regularly tell people to go "plink" or "bonk".