Elvish translations for “Not Lightly Do the Leaves of Lórien Fall

Part I: Helm's Deep

Auth anglenna a er-rochon ú-thia.
Cû mín vi camen. Nae boe enni vellon a ú-goth.
Battle approaches, and one rider does not appear.
My bow is in my hand. Alas, it is friend not foe I need.
Mae govannen. Well met!
Le abdollen. You’re late.
Hannon le. I thank you.
Mae govannen, mellon nín! man angol hen? Well met, my friend! What sorcery is this?
Dago hon! Kill it!
Aragorn, Tolo dad. I gaim aran ú-nestathar chery bain... Aragorn, come down. Alas, the hands of a king will not heal all wounds.
Aphadathon-- nad nu hen. I'll follow. Something's under this.
gwaith nín my people
Im law charnannen. I'm not wounded.
Gulaur daur vin ent Galadriel. Great is the virtue in the gifts of Galadriel
fíriel mortal maid
caun fael kind prince
Hiro hyn hîdh vi Valannor. May they find peace in Valinor.
Suilad, Onodrim a Galadhrim! Man siniath? Greetings, ent-folk and tree-folk! What tidings?
Snowdrops, Niphredil “Pale-point”, which grow in Lórien. They slightly resemble simbelmynë the flowers that grow on the mounds of the Kings of Rohan.
Haudh in-Edhil Mound of the Elves
Haudh en-Firiath Mound of the Mortals
Elo! (exclamation of wonder and awe)
firion mortal man
Laegel + lalaith Green-elf (of) laughter
i rych the horses
Dryhtenonga (Old English) lord of the arrow
hîr nín my lord
Camen fíreb; gûren e-dawaredhel. My hand is mortal, but my heart is the wood-elf's.

Part II: The Arrows of the King

Pent Malbeth i Diriel:

Erin ennor pelia gwathand,
nan annûn rovail môr rimmol.
I vinas gîr. Nan serch erain
manadh anglenna. I echui
I Firn. I lû Gwedwerwaith tôl:
Ne Gond Erech adylithar;
Lastathar romru ath emyn.
Man gerel rom? Man estol hain
E thinnu thind, i 'waith ú-rîn?
I chîl pen amman gwestanner.
O Forven telitha. Baur horth(ol).
Athratha Fen nadh Raid i Firn.

Spoke Malbeth the Seer:

Over the land there lies a long shadow,
westward reaching wings of darkness.
The Tower trembles. To the tombs of kings
doom approaches. It is the awakening
of the dead. The time of the Oathbreakers comes:
at the Stone of Erech they shall stand again
and hear [there] a horn in the hills ringing.
Whose shall the horn be? Who [shall] call them
from the grey twilight, the forgotten people?
The heir of him to whom the oath they swore.
From the North shall he come, need driving:
He shall pass [the] Door to the Paths of the Dead.

Radathar aen i pheriannath ennas ven dîn. May it be that the halflings find their way.
onodrim ents
pedo enni. Speak to me.
Firn dâd e menig ernediaid. Ah in enith i nengin ú-istam. Two dead, out of countless thousands. And we do not know the names of the slain.
Mellyn istar enith dîn. Ah i goth geritha rîn, ir geveditha chethyl a bing vín. Friends know their names. And the enemy will remember, when they meet our blades and bows.
Silvan elves, Wood-elves, tawarwaith: A primitive, backward race of elves that never developed much technology, lore, or wisdom, and did not take part in the triumphs or disasters of the First Age.
Sindar, Grey-elves: Refugees from the Kingdom of Thingol, a great civilization in the First Age. Accounted noble and wise, although they never visited the Undying Lands. Celeborn and Thranduil are Sindar.
firvellon "friend of mortals", a wordplay on the title elvellon, "Elf-friend".
fîriel mortal maid
Si noro lim. Now ride on.
Daro! Hold!