Feralia 2002
Ritemaster: Seeker
GM: Sepdet
Participants: Aaron/Eye-of-Ra,Raeye/Waits-Impatient,Seeker. Sepdet was NOT here…except…well, you’ll see.

This Feralia I styled loosely on the Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Book of the Amduat, guidebooks to the Egyptian afterlife. According to these books, dead souls have to pass through various portals, naming the spirit-guardians at each gate.
For each pair of guardians, I used two greats from early MUSH history, one for nearly every tribe.
I’m not sure Seeker should’ve known the rite, but…enh.

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Feralia 2001 – Cub Rescue

Feralia 2001
Ritemaster/GM: Sepdet
Participants: Collin, Allie/Guides-the-Dead, Seeker

Summary: A quiet little Feralia. I livened it up by having the gang come across a few Strider cubs running Feralia as their RoP.

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Feralia 2000 – Ibis & co again

Rite of Feralia 2000
Ritemaster/GM: Sepdet
GM Assistance: Nemo
Participants: Collin, Seeker, Sepdet, and my west coast Strider NPCS

Nothing exciting in this Feralia, just a few Striders getting together for a run with some NPCs so it would be more interesting. As usual starring Ibis Scans-the-Ground, Sepdet’s professorial uncle, a senior theurge (Ritemaster?) at Western Eye. Wandering Jim is a mute Galliard, the guy with no head in the old Cirque du Soleil show “Quidam.” My idea is that Quidam was actually a group of Striders and kinfolk using a traveling circus to gather news.

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Feralia 1999
Ritemasters: Sepdet, NPCs Old Guertie and Ibis
Participants: Collin, Alexandra, Paul (puppeted)
Also: Grace, Skye (cubs)

This year I had almost no adult Striders, so I took along our cubs (Skye, Grace) and left them with a group of Strider kin and storytellers to spend time with the tribe while the elders (Sepdet, Alexandra, Collin and Paul) were running Feralia.

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Feralia 1998 – Anubis Cameo

Feralia 1998
Participants: Sparrowhawk/Alexandra, Windsoul/Seeker, Ash, Blinks-at-Fire (now Bites-Back), and a guest-star.
Ritemaster/GM: Sepdet

Summary: A fairly ordinary Feralia, apart from the fact that Blinks was rebelling against the tribe, and a very honored guest surprised me with a cameo at the end!

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Rite of Feralia 1997
Participants: Seshemw/Paul, Seeker, Aken-Benu (I forget who that is!), Blinks-at-Fire, Su
Ritemaster: Tiy, NPC
GM: Sepdet

This year I used an NPC from the Wheel of Ptah to run the rite. The plan was for the NPC to be lost and for Sepdet to finish the rite (which she was just learning, quite possibly from her uncle.) Unfortunately, Anpwhotep decided to go after the NPC. Falling behind in Feralia is often fatal. He knew what he was doing… :(

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Feralia 1996 – The Broken Bridge

Feralia Conducted (IC) by Anubis
Participants: Sepdet, Su, Seeker, Rholeen, Isis/Traps-Fighter, Blinks-at-Fire, Paul/Seshemw/Shows-the-Way, Nekheb/Moyan Dashe, Anpwhotep (arrived late)
GM: Su, Sepdet

This was a complex, overly-ambitious ONS. The goal of this year’s Feralia was to give Blinks-at-Fire, a notoriously clueless half-moon problem cub, a second chance to prove himself after his first failed RoP. We needed him to be separated so that he couldn’t rely on everyone to tell him what to do or make his decisions. So we broke the Striders into 3 different groups. I also wanted to give Anubis a special scene of his own because normally he had to run everything.

To add to the complexity, I was trying (and failed) to give Eligio a chance to work in his non-wyrmy, enigmatic, maddening Eater of the Dead foil-NPC, Nekheb.

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Feralia 1995 – Anubis GMing

Feralia Conducted and GMed by Anubis  (wiz-alt: Tarod)
Participants: Sepdet, Noor/Aset, Anpwhotep, Jeremy/Hand-of-Sekhmet (later died, player re-apped as Seeker), Su

Notes: Noor and Anpwhotep had recently rescued Sepdet from a nearly fatal adventure in Egypt; she had been captured and tortured by Dancers. She was still showing the effects.

Shepitra and the jars who keep popping up are references to Tarod’s foil-alt Warren Ramsey, Strider kinfolk –and something more — a priest of the old ways. He served in St. Claire as a coroner, and was also a gardener.

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“Who Dreams the Dreamers” – Fall 1994

This is the introduction “Who Dreams the Dreamers” plot, concerning the legendary pack of Silver Sorrows and Darkness Falling Soul Stealer.

In this log, Sepdet summarizes what she and her friends knew at the time. Sepdet, Eligio, Song Weaver, Therru and one other were dreaming of a pack that had met with a mysterious and tragic fate. Before the end, the living Garou would have to fulfill the mission of the long-dead pack.

Following this log, click the “Who Dreams the Dreamers” tag to get all logs related to this story.

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Toxic’s Swansong, Pt. 2

Continued from Toxic’s Swansong, Pt. 1

Here’s the aftermath of the battle which claimed Toxic’s life, including a lot of healing, mourning, and Rain Walker and Sepdet repairing the caern’s shredded wards.

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