Morning Walk

An 11-minute drive from my house is a coastal town called Corona del Mar, just southeast of the more well-known Newport Beach, with Balboa Island sandwiched between them. Here, like most parts of California, there's steep sandstone/limestone cliffs which drop down to the ocean; houses perch precariously at the top.

On jetty looking back where I just walked.

Facing forward again. Beach at left.

Time to climb over the wall and shed shoes.

Looking back again.

There's some great rocks in the water just before the cliffs.

Notice that railing. We'll be up there soon.

The people up top are on the sidewalk where I started.

Quick stop in the sea caves under the bluff if the tide's out...

Then come back out, turn right, and climb up the hill.

I love this bronze statue of a dancing woman.

Looking back again.

Ogle all the nice houses.

And one final look before driving home.
The color in this one is untouched, accurate;
I had to fuss with some of the others
to fix sun-glare that bleached them out.