Moab, Utah

Here are a selection of photographs from the area around Moab, Utah, including Arches National Monument and Canyonlands Park.  © Ellen Brundige Nov. 2000. Click on the thumbnails below for full-sized photos.

Mesa Arch

Delicate Arch

Raven plays here.

Road into Arches Park

Navajo Arch trail

Landscape Arch trail

Windows Arches trail


Canyonlands: Island in the Sky

Yes, that black spot over the cliff in the last of that series is a raven riding the thermals at sunset.

Pictographs and Petroglyphs

The Anasazi and Utes made these over a few thousand years. Of course, modern unholy persons have painted over and defaced them several times in the last 20 years, and the restoration work hasn't been able to bring them back to their former vibrancy. I have used Photoshop very sparingly to up the contrast by +5 or so.

Here's a page with good info on these and other pictographs in the area.

US Dept. of Interior on Moab Rock Art

Last but not least, a bald eagle. For once I wish I had a better camera. He was very far away, though.