Here's a partial tour of ye condo known as Bag-End, which looks nothing whatsoever like a hobbit-hole, but I'm a bachelor in a neighborhood of incredibly friendly yet muggle families who seem poised to accept me as the oddball neighbor. (ADDENDUM: Also see Lake photo Gallery and second house photo gallery adding to this one).

First of all, the neighborhood. When you step out of the garage (the one with the door up) and turn right, you see:


Peppergrass park
So there's this nice little park.

Brookmont neighborhood
I haven't the foggiest clue what the red trees are. This is looking up Brookmont street; the park is just out of sight to the right, and my garage is to the left and behind me.

jacaranda tree
I counted about 50 mature jacarandas in the park.


Okay, that's enough outdoors. What does the condo look like? Here's the front entrance.

Front gate
Tree is a pepper tree. This is Irvine, so the house is beige.
front door
The curved lines are due to my old digital camera.

Living room
Room for living. Trellis outside left window is a huge jasmine bush.

Turning around to front entryway.
Samhain looking smug after rolling in the dirt.

Before going upstairs, let's peep out of the kitchen (on the other side of the wall from the TV).

Looking over kitchen sink (hidden, 'cause you don't need to see pots and pans.)
Note corner of fireplace at left; that's the righthand side of living room.

Looking towards left corner of property (south); dining table is outside living room. Overhanging tree is cape honeysuckle, bright orange/red flowers, full of hummingbirds.
Ficus, tomato plant, Asian pear tree.

Saimhain ALWAYS sits in my chair. That's my outdoor laptop station. (confusingly, this is taken the next morning, so you can see patio in full sun.)

Okay, heading upstairs! Here's the stairwell; front door is down at the bottom to the left, living room (and beyond that, patio) is down to right.

Oh, a side note: I have NO lights turned on in any of these photos, and the rooms are still brighter than in my old apartment with all the lights on. Most of 'em taken around 5PM.



The following plan of upstairs rooms isn't to scale; the bathrooms aren't that big. Also I left out all the closets. But this way you get some idea what's where.

master bedroomMaster bedroom, in need of bed. Also in need of better photoshop mask on window.

spare bedroomSpare bedroom.officeOffice.