Mae govannen (well met)!

This is sepdet's main website these days -- home-on-the-web #8, for those keeping track. Included are all the ways I waste time when I'm not working on my PhD at Pacifica.

Current Projects

Hoo Hah, They Like It!

  • (3/10/03) Leaves has been selected as one of the top ten "During LOTR" fanfics on the web by Míriel!

  • 7/03 And my "Darkening of Valinor" poem was a finalist in the Mithril Awards "best of the web" Tolkien fanfic competition for the poetry category, even though they were judging the English translation rather than the Sindarin. GERIN 'LASS, lots and lots of 'LASS!

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    Web hosting by ICDSoft Looking for a web host? I've used ICDsoft for 3 years now and have often sung their praises, enough that my Mom used them for her startup business and has been very satisfied. They Just Work. For Cheap. And they're the only company i've ever heard of that keeps adding more features without upping the price.